Tenara TR-92 White Review

Tenara TR-92 White

  • Gore Tenara sewing thread stands up to years of sun and weather for seams that will last the lifetime of your product
  • The patented TR style sewing thread has an elongation (or stretch) of approximately 17%, making it more robust, which allows faster sewing.
  • Highly popular CLEAR, provide a translucent thread that disappears into most fabrics, making color matching headaches go away.
  • This thread is unaffected by sunlight. UV radiation will not weaken or degraded.
  • Tenara will outlast the fabric.

TENARA THREAD IS GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! This is an 8 oz. spool of Tenara® Sewing Thread. Approx. 1600 yds. Breaking strength 8 lbs. General duty use: awning and marine; double stitched in critical or high-stress areas. Tenara® Sewing Thread (HTR) and (TR) have unique properties, are pre-lubricated for a cooler running needle and made from expanded PTFE material, which is two to three times stronger than conventional PTFE. Is unaffected by sunlight, acid rain, and other destructive substances, maintains its strength and color indefinitely while Polyester threads, under daily sunlight exposure will loose as much as half their strength in as little as one year, and be down to 10% of their original strength in 3 years. It will outlast the fabric that it is sewn into; including the newest solution dyed acrylics, and comes with a full warranty to that effect. It is unaffected by canvas cleaning solutions and will not stain, mildew or rot. Dirt just wipes off. It gives all the advantages of Tenara with the addition of translucence and easier sewability. Sews like polyester, yet still offers the Tenara Thread Warranty. M1000HTR has a 2800-denier construction and M1000TR has a 1400 –denier construction. Tenara Thread (TR) and (HTR) are ideal for any awning, marine or other outdoor application. Using Gore Tenara means seams that will last. It will outlast the fabric. DISCLAIMER: Returns on Tenara thread are acceptable if the original seal from factory hasn’t been removed and the original plastic is still vacuum sealed.

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