Spooled Lead – 5/64″ Round U Came Review

Spooled Lead - 5/64

  • Spooled lead means no more twisted lengths of came
  • Easy to store, takes up less space in your studio
  • 15 lbs. No extra boxing or shipping charges.
  • “Hobby Came” measurements – perfect size for nightlights and small projects

Spooled lead is easy to use and easy to store No more bulky boxes to store or twisted lengths of came. This revolutionary new method of storing and dispensing lead will make your glass work easier than ever With spooled lead there are also no extra boxing or shipping charges. RU lead came. Face measures 5/64″. Standard 5/32″ channel. Approximately 411 feet long; spool weighs 15 pounds. 5/64″ RU came is also known as hobby came. Hobby came has an extremely narrow face, allowing hobbyist to put a lead finish around small glass projects like suncatchers and stained glass night lights. Images below shows a finished precut night light kits finished with hobby came.

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