River Silks Garden Collection – 7mm Silk Ribbons Review

River Silks Garden Collection - 7mm Silk Ribbons

  • 20 Spools (5.5 yards each) of beautiful and durable 7mm 100% Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon
  • Needlepointers can stitch with lengths of 4-6 feet without any fraying.
  • Quilters can sew through the ribbon without any running. Perfect for Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
  • Woven as ribbon with a barely perceptible selvedge which gives them incredible durability.
  • Will not run or shred while you are using it because the thread count is so high.

330 feet of the most beautiful silk ribbon ever. Woven to the specifications of River Silks. No one else demands this quality. After weaving with selvedge, the ribbon is dyed by Master Dye Craftsmen.

After 280 passes through canvas (which is rougher than fabric) the ribbon stays intact. No fraying, snagging or catching. It does not catch on rough fingers either like most silk ribbon. This collection is also available in 4mm and 13mm widths.

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